Engaging Contractors

Information sourced from WorkSafe website.Contractors may be individuals or businesses. Contractors, their subcontractors, and their employees are classed as the workers of the lead contracting PCBU. Contract types may include: projects (such as construction, installation or upgrade work) maintenance and repair activities service and cleaning contracts.PCBUs that work together will often share health and safety …

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Serious Harm Notification

Information sourced from WorkSafe website. What events need to be notified? We must be notified when certain work-related events (notifiable events) occur. The information below explains what a person conducting a business or undertaking needs to do if a notifiable event occurs. It also explains what events are notifiable. What must a PCBU do? A …

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PCBU Overlapping Duties

Information sourced from WorkSafe website.A PCBU cannot contract out of its duties.It doesn’t mean a PCBU has to duplicate another PCBU’s work.PCBUs must manage their overlapping duties and risks to the extent of their ability to influence and control the health and safety matter.PCBUs may enter into reasonable arrangements with other PCBUs about their overlapping …

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