Health & Safety

Health and Safety is our main bread and butter. we specialise in finding what works for you and your business. We believe having a simple yet effective system that makes sense and is easy to implement is far better than a system the size of a dictionary that you never use. With added services like the toolbox video links sent to you and the annual reviews, our systems are easy to keep alive and thriving in your workplace, ultimately keeping you and everyone around you safer. Because how can a health and safety system help keep you safe if you don’t use it.

Human Resources

We can assist your business with employment related issues and needs. This can include employment contract creation, company restructure, disestablishment of staff roles, facilitation of formal meetings and any documentation required to accomplish this, and any other HR administrative role you may wish to contract out instead of employing a permanent staff member.

Business Consulting

Need a sounding board? Maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes? We’ve helped plenty of clients reach their business goals with business coaching. Sometimes we know where we would like to be but aren’t sure how to get there, that’s where a business coach comes in, we help you draw out the road map to get you to where you want to go.

Health and Safety Packages

Health and Safety System for $10 Per Week
Plus one off set up fee of $145 + GST

What You Get

  • Health and Safety System specific to your business.
  • Health and Safety System that is all about your business brand.
  • Health and Safety System printed and in a folder ready to implement.
  • Health and Safety System with digital files stored on the cloud for easy access from any where.
  • Video links with Tool Box Meetings for you and your staff to use.
  • Annual review of the Health and Safety System.

We can be more involved on a daily to a weekly level and manage the admin for you. 
These options start from $145.00 + GST per month.

What You Get
All of the above plus:

  • A personalised email e.g. “clientname”
  • All files that need to be sent via email come to us to file.
  • Filing of completed forms on cloud for you.
  • Weekly notifications of any expected forms that have not been completed.

We have experience in the following industries so far and can develop one for you specific to your industry even if it is not listed here.

Excavation, Construction, Orchard Contracting, Orchards, Retail, Office, Salons, Massage, Plumbing, Food Services, Landscaping, Automotive, Painter, Sign Writing, Property Maintenance, Engineering, Commercial Cleaning, NGO/Churches.