What you need to know

One of my staff almost fell from the roof.

This is a near miss and should be recorded and because the outcome could have been serious, definitely an investigation should be carried out for this.

The hazard/risk register may need to be updated to reflect the outcomes from the investigation.

A toolbox meeting will need to discuss this near miss afterwards. Not to name and shame, but to discuss with the whole staff the near miss and what contributed to it and how to avoid it in the future.

The accident register should then document the completed process and all the forms filed together.








I have sub-contracted someone to do work for me, what forms do I need to ensure are filled out?

First of all lets understand why there is a form. The H&S at Work Act 2015 talks about overlapping duties of PCBU’s (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking). What you need to be able to demonstrate is that you have co-operated, collabo-rated and communicated with each other in regard to health and safety.

In the form we ask any business that is sub-contracting to you to provide their hazard register and you can assess from this hopefully that they know what they are doing and they can do this safely. Also it is a good opportunity to ascertain any hazards that could impact you both directly as you work around each other and how you can do this more safely.

You only need to fill out the form once for a sub-contractor, but ensure you discuss the hazards to determine if anything has changed since you last worked with each other.


I’ve had an accident (damage to property and not a person) e.g. I reversed into a car behind me in the company vehicle running a work errand. No one was hurt but the vehicles were damaged. What forms do I need to fill out? 


The first form to fill out is the incident/Near Miss Form.

The insurance company would need to be notified.

If the potential of the accident could have been serious or the circumstances leading up to it was mainly attributed to careless and/or dangerous behaviour, then an investigation will need to be carried out.

Once this has all been completed this incident will need to be discussed in the next toolbox meeting. Not to shame anyone, but to demonstrate as an employer that any incident/accident can be addressed to help prevent it happening again.