About Us

Peace of mind – Relieving anxiety for our clients around compliance is something we strive for with every system. Giving you peace of mind so you can keep doing what you do best

Creativity – Everything is tailor made to you and your business, giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t. We give creative solutions to all your Health and Safety needs

Excellence – Putting your best foot forward is important and here at matrix we take pride in knowing the finished product is our best work, perfectly crafted just for you.

Family owned and operated since 2016, Matrix was started initially to help a family friend who needed a Health and Safety System and didn’t know where to start. Since then, David Jepsen has grown the business to accommodate all types of industries with all levels of required compliance, without a folder the size of a dictionary. Matrix believes that health and safety doesn’t need to be a big scary mountain most find to daunting to even bother climbing. Simple is best.

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+64 27 3748166 or Sales@matrix.kiwi

Down to Earth –  We aren’t trying to justify our experience or qualifications by over complicating things for you. We want your system to be something easy and enjoyable to implement

Affordability – Health and Safety shouldn’t have to break your bank and that’s why we provide different options for different budgets, safe work environments should be attainable to everyone

Integrity – Short cuts don’t keep you safe in any industry, so we make sure not to cut any corners when making your system, so you stay safe and have piece of mind

What our clients are saying!


We have been using Matrix Business Consulting for all our health and safety requirements for over 5 years now. The system has been easy to implement and passed external audits for preferred suppliers requirements by clients.

The video toolbox meeting has been the best innovation which has taken the stress out of trying to decide what to talk about. We just push play and engage with the video.

Sam Christie 0210 557 774


The Foundation document that you provided us with was simple yet comprehensive. Your walk-through was helpful, comprehensive and gave us confidence to move forward in the journey of implementing Health and Safety within our Church and beyond in our Community Initiatives. We now have a clear Policy and Documents that will encourage our staff & volunteers to be active in Health and Safety rather than discourage them from serving. I happily recommend you and the package that you offer, it is simple, cost-effective and can be added to easily as the need arises.

Lawrence Kirby